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Navya is always committed to provide its customers with the best experience regardless of the market situations. As always, during this pandemic period we do have a responsibility to offer our customers to make a safe and healthy environment by serving them with the high quality daily essentials straight away to their home. Daily essentials including Navya Fresh Farm Milk, Milky Breads, Healthy Wheat Bread, Healthy Multi Grain Bread, Bun, Rusk, Half Cooked Chappathies etc…will come directly to your home. In none of the products we use any preservatives, colours or synthetic flavours.

We are an ISO 22000-2005 & HACCP certified company ensuring the highest level of hygiene and safety in all our production practices. Our quality department ensures upgraded food quality and improved hygienic practices through inline quality analysis, raw material inspection, implementation of quality polices, lab testing (both Microbiology & biochemistry) and conducting various training programs to the staffs. By all means we are ensuring the best quality in all our products .Navya Milk is the best of the kind which is available in market now .It is non pasteurized and non-centrifuged fresh milk which you can trust by heart and even produce thick curd and butter from it .So we suggest you to utilize our online facility to get all the daily essentials home.

Stay Home, Stay Safe and be a Health Enthusiast by opting Navya’s premium daily essentials. We serve you home as we always care for you.

“Let this Alertness Continue” –Break the Chain

Healthy Bakes Is What You Take

  • NO Transfat
  • NO Preservatives
  • NO Artificial Flavours

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